Oil separator Skimmtelligent mini

The oil separator FRIESS Skimmtelligent mini is used to separate tramp oil and coolant. The Skimmtelligent mini is designed for applications where the tramp oil does not float on the surface of the coolant but is mixed with the coolant.

Oil separator Skimmtelligent mini works as bypass system. A positive displacement pump pumps the coolant into the oil separator Skimmtelligent mini. A strainer which is mounted before the pump removes bigger particles or chips. A magnetic filter which is available as option removes ferritic particles down to 1 µm from the coolant. The coolant flows into the separator tank of the oil separator Skimmtelligent mini. The coolant mixed with tramp oil flows through parallel plates which work as coalescer. Even the very low lift of the small droplets is enough to drive the oil droplets to the lower side of the next parallel plate. Many small oil droplets will form few big oil drops. The higher lift of the bigger oil drops drives the oil towards the surface of the liquid. The oil layer flows over an adjustable baffle into a decanter tank. The concentrated oil flows over a second baffle into the oil collecting tank. The clean coolant flows by gravity back into the coolant tank. The separated waste oil can be drained from time to time manually.


  • works independent of production
  • removes smallest volume of tramp oil
  • longer lifetime for coolant
  • less cost for buying new coolant and
    less cost for waste disposal
  • robust stainless steel construction
  • except pump no moving parts

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Technical data

Skimmtelligent mini

flow rate: 4 l/min
working temperature: max. 40 °C
pH value: 5 - 14

width:  400 mm
length: 850 mm
height: 870 mm (including optional magnetic filter)

tank volume: 50 l

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