Emmie 2

Emmie 2

Emmie 2 is a mobile separator system that removes water and particles effectively from oil, using centrifugal cutting power.

Emmie 2 removes more than 90 % of all particles between 2 µm and 5 µm from oil. Because of the separation, all kinds of dirt particles, like swarfs, abrasion or wear debris are removed efficiently. Emmie 2 removes pollution from any type of oil, for example hydraulic and lubricating oil, compressor and gear oil, cutting and machining oil.

Emmie 2 is a mobile and compact system, consisting of separator, delivery pump and controller. It is installed as a bypass system and works continuously. Emmie 2 is delivered completely with pedestal, collecting tank for separated water, immersion pipe, tubes, service toolkit and instructions.


  • Less costs due to a longer lifetime of oil and oil filter
  • Works without consumables
  • Simple operation via control panel
  • High mobility due to compact and ergonomic configuration



  • Automotive industry
  • Aircraft manufacture
  • Metalworking industry
  • Steel industry
  • and many more


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Technical data

Max. flow rate, 50/60Hz: 200 l/h

Sludge collecting tank: 0,6 l

Viscosity at separation temperature: Max. 40 cSt


Max. separation temperature: 70 °C


pH value: 6-9


Operating voltage: 230 V or 100-230V single phase

Frequency: 50/60 Hz

Current consumption (230/110 V): 10/16 A

without heater: 60 kg
external heater: 34 kg
including heater: 100 kg

Including the heater (L x W x H): 630 x 680 x 1130 mm
Without heater (L x W x H): 615 x 520 x 1130 mm

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