Alfie 500

Alfie 500

Alfie 500 is particularly designed for the removal of tramp oil, lubricants and solids from cooling lubricants.

Alfie 500 is a compact and mobile separator system and including feed pump and control system, it is ready to connect. The control box makes a simple operation possible. Alfie 500 is intalled in the bypass and suitable for 24 h operation.

Alfie 500 is deliverable on frame with collecting tank for tramp oil, surface suction, tubes, special tools and instruction book.


  • Extended lifetime of operating liquids because of centrifugal separation
  • Fast, efficient and simultaneous separation of oil and solids from cooling lubricant due to the application of disc separators.
  • Excellent height / length ratio for containers with a size of up to 15 m²
  • Control system with clearly arranged operator interface guarantees a simple operation
  • The compact and ergonomic configuration makes a high mobility within the work area possible



  • Automotive industry
  • Aircraft manufacture
  • Metalworking industry
  • Steel industry
  • and many more


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Technical data

Max. flow rate, 50/60 Hz: 500 l/h

Sludge collecting tank: 0,6 l

Max. temperature of liquid: 70 °C

pH value: 6-9

Tension: 230 V or 100-230 V alternating current

Frequency: 50/60 Hz

Current: 10 A

Total weight including frame: 60 kg


Length x Width x Height: 620 x 510 x 1.140 mm

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