Alfa Laval centrifuges

AlfaPure S2

AlfaPure S2 is specifically designed for cleaning process fluids used in the metal working industry.

During the centrifugal separation process inside the separator bowl of AlfaPure S2, the heavy particles of the operating liquids are pressed against the wall of the separator and are then conducted into a sediment tank. During this process different liquids are divided and leave the separator via separate outlets.

AlfaPure S2 is available for the application as a concentrator, clarificator or purifier. As a concentrator it removes tramp oil, grease and solids from water-based cooling lubricants and washing liquids. The clarificator is a two-phase design that removes fine solids from water-based cooling lubricants or washig liquids. The purifier serves for the cleaning of mineral oils by removing water and fine solids which prevents wear, abrasion and malfunctions.


  • Fast and simple installation
  • Less than 1,3 m² of storage space for tanks with a volume of up to 100 m³
  • EPC 60-cotrol system with a clearly arranged operator interface guarantees a simple operation
  • Optimal separation efficiency because of the specially designed disc and peeling disc
  • The pump is controlled by a frequency converter and permits a continious modulation for a constant supply
  • The high cleaning efficiency extends the durability of operating liquids
  • Simple maintenance because of an easy access to separator, tanks and pumps
  • Low cleaning expense because of the drum construction


  • Automotive industry
  • Aircraft manufacture
  • Metal working industry
  • Steel industry
  • and many more



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Technical data


Cooling lubricants and washing liquids: 900-2.000 l/H

Grease: 500-1.200 l/h

Separation temperatur: 0-80 °C

pH value: 6-13

Operating water pressure: 200-600 Pa

Unit for water-based liquids: 3 kW

Unit for technical oils: 2,2 kW

Ambient temperature: 5-50 °C


Stationary module (L x W x H): 1.450 x 900  1.265 mm

Mobile design (L x W x H): 1.450 x 900 x 1.448 mm

Weight: 500 kg

Power supply: 3 x 400 V (380/440/460/480 V optional)

50 Hz (60 Hz optional)



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