Alfa Laval centrifuges

Separator system for cost-efficient cleaning of oil and cooling lubricant

High-speed centrifugal separation improves the reliability of oil systems and extends the machine life of industrial process fluids. The Alfa Laval disc separators offer a fast, efficient and simultaneous three-phase separation, applicable for example in the separation of water and particles.

How it works:

During the separation process, the rotation generates a centrifugal force inside the separator which separates coarse particles from the process fluids and presses them against the separator wall. The particles are automatically conducted into the sediment tank. If there are two different liquid phases in the separator bowl, they are separated because of the density differences. Eventually, the two liquids are diverted via different outlets of the separator.


  • Simple and fast installation
  • Optimal separation efficiency because of specially desigend disc and peeling disc
  • High cleaning efficiency extends the durability of the operating liquids
  • Low cleaning expense because of the drum construction
  • Simple operation

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