Oil skimmer

Oil skimmer model 1S

The oil skimmer model 1S is specifically designed to remove floating oil and fat from water, emulsions, washing water or waste water in basins with a surface of up to 1 m². The oil skimmer model 1S is specifically designed for high lifting heights and can be used at underground basins, wells and other small basins where the water surface is under the floor. The innovative working principle makes sure that the oil is collected at the total surface of the basin.

The oil collector tube creates a movement on the water surface. The floating oil moves on the water surface and will be attracted by the oil collector tube and transported into the oil skimmer. Scrapers inside the oil skimmer remove the oil from the surface of the oil collector tube. The oil runs from the scraper into the oil collecting pan and from there into a waste oil tank. The oil skimmer can be mounted up to 10 m high above the water surface. Because of the tough construction, the oil skimmer model 1S can be used continuously. In order to avoid wear caused by particles like sand, chips and other in the floating oil, all parts of the oil skimmer that touch the oil collector tube are made of wear resistant ceramic. All other parts of the oil skimmer except the drive wheel are made of corrosion resistant stainless steel.

The oil skimmer model 1S can be adapted to nearly all applications. Depending on viscosity and thickness of the oil layer, the oil skimmer model 1S has a capacity of up to 30 l of oil per hour. Many different options allow you to adapt the oil skimmer model 1S to nearly all kind of applications.


  • Fast payback because of longer lifetime for your coolant and degreasing bath
  • Low maintenance because of tough construction and wear resistant materials
  • Easy mounting because different mounting systems for different applications are available
  • Floating oil collector tube will follow changing water level
  • Because of the special design the oil skimmer model 1S can be used at nearly all kinds of basin, whether round or square, open or closed, above or below ground
  • Lifting height of up to 10 m

Typical applications:

  • Coolant tank at machine tools
  • Small degreasing bath
  • Waste water treatment plants
  • CNC metal working
  • Surface technology
  • Waste water treatment
  • Plant construction

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Technical data

Drive power: 0,09 kW

Oil capacity: 2 – 30 l/h

Temperature: max. 60 °C

Dimensions incl. oil collecting pan in mm:
(BxLxH) 300 x 308 x max. 372

Surface of basin:
min. 500 x 500 mm

Installation heigth above liquid:
max. 10,000 mm
Floating length of the oil collector tube:
max. 2,000 mm

Weight: 10,55 kg

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