Coalescing filter system

Coalescing filter system

Coalescing filter system for removal of non-emulsified water from hydraulic oils, transformer oils, turbine oils, lubrication oils and other mineral oils. The coalescing filter removes non-emulsified water down to less than 500 ppm from all kinds of oil. The lifetime of the oil can be extended. The lubrication capability is improved. Machine trouble is reduced.

The oil mixed with water is pumped through a coalescing filter element in the coalescing filter system. The special construction of the filter materials rejects the water while the oil passes the filter material. The small water droplets unify to bigger oil drops. While the oil floats to the outlet on the top of the coalescing filter, the heavy water drops sink to the bottom of the filter housing by gravity. The dewatered oil is pumped back into the main tank. The water that is collected on the bottom of the filter housing can be drained by hand or automatically. Because of continuous removing of the free water, the lifetime of the oil can be extended.


  • Reduced consumption of oil
  • Less cost for maintenance and repair
  • Less hydraulic troubles
  • Better process safety because of better lubrication


  • Lubrication oil in paper machine
  • Hydraulic oil in fibre production
  • Hydraulic oil and lubrication oil in wood production
  • Lubrication oil in steel production
  • Transformer oil
  • Turbine oil


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Principle of operation of coalescing filter system
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Technical data

Flow rate: 8 l/min

Maximum water content in the oil: > 30 %

Water content after dewatering:
< 500 ppm

Maximum oil volumen in the system: max. 10 m³

Maximum water discharge: 20 l/Tag

Oil viscosity: max. 100 mm²/sec

Power consumption: 300 W

Voltage: 230 V

Weight: 70 kg

Length: 600 mm
Width: 550 mm
Height: 1100 mm

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