Oil skimmer

Oil skimmer model WBS

The oil skimmer model WBS is special designed to remove floating oil from small tanks. The unique design of the belt skimmer WBS attracts the oil from the total surface. The belt touches the surface nearly horizontal and creates a movement on the water surface so that the oil is driven towards the oil skimmer. This is a unique design of Friess oil skimmer WBS.

The special design offers you advantages as follows:

  1. The belt hits the water horizontal and not vertical. The horizontal belt creates a movement on the water surface and the oil will be attracted from a much bigger area than with conventional belt skimmers.
  2. The oil skimmer needs a very small surface of only 100 mm x 100 mm
  3. Vertical or inclined mounting possible - Easy to adapt to small coolant tanks
  4. Oil skimmer can be mounted on top of the tank or at the side of the tank
  5. Fast payback because of longer lifetime for your coolant or degreasing bath
  6. Low maintenance because tough design and corrosion prove materials in example stainless steel
  7. Groves in the transport rolls to tolerate dirt particles in the oil
  8. Longer lifetime of the belt because belt is manufactured endless
  9. Low maintenance because of special seals for bearings
  10. Tough design with proven gear motor
  11. Low weight for mobile use at different tanks

The oil skimmer comes with switch cable and plug and is ready to use.

Typical applications:

  • Coolant tank at machine tools
  • Small degreasing bath
  • Waste water treatment plants
  • CNC metal working
  • Surface technology
  • Waste water treatment
  • plant construction

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Technical data

Drive power: 0,09 kW

Oil capacity: 2 – 15 l/h

Temperature: max. 80 °C

Dimensions/ mm

WBS 10 (BxLxH): 80 x 305 x 540

WBS 20 (BxLxH): 80 x 305 x 775

Surface of basin:
min. 100 x 200 mm 

Lifting height: WBS 10/WBS 20:
110 / 350 mm

Width of the belt: 40 mm

Length of the belt WBS 10: 1150 mm
Length of the belt WBS 20: 1500 mm

Weigth WBS 10/WBS 20: 8,0 / 10,0 kg

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