Oil skimmer


The decanter FRIESS Skimmtelligent is used at systems were oil is mixed with process fluid and does not float on the water surface.

The oily process fluid is pumped with an air driven diaphragm pump into the decanter Skimmtelligent. In a first step, dirt particles will settle on the bottom. In a second step, small oil droplets will be collected in a coalescing media. Because of the coalescing fat the small droplets will be united to few bigger drops. The big drops have more uplift and will float on the water surface. The floating oil layer will be removed with the Friess oil skimmer, which is mounted on the surface of the decanter Skimmtelligent. The cleaned process liquid flows back into a main tank by gravity.


  • Works independent from production
  • Removes very small amount of tramp oil
  • Longer lifetime for coolant or waste water
  • Reduced cost for coolant and washing agent
  • Tough construction with proven parts

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Technical data

Skimmtelligent: 10 / 20 / 40

Oil pump capacity:
300 l/h / 600 l/h / 1200 l/h

Conveying line of the Friess oil skimmer: max. 30 l/h

working temperature: 40 °C

pH-value: 5 - 14

Width:      440 /  440 /  510 mm
Lengths:  600 /  900 / 1660 mm
Height:  1200 / 1280 / 1230 mm

Capacity of the tank:
100 l / 200 l / 400 l

approx. 7500 l / 15000 l / 30000 l

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