Electrostatic oil cleaning

Electrostatic oil cleaner model D2

Electrostatic oil cleaning system for cleaning, care and maintenance of hydraulic oil, transformer oil, turban oil, lubrication oil and other electric non-conductive liquids.

By using electrostatic oil cleaning, particles down to 0.1 µm can be removed from the oil. The lifetime of the oil is extended extremely. The machine precision is improved and hydraulic troubles are drastically reduced.

Inside the cleaning cell a high voltage of 14,000 V creates an electric field. Dirt particles that are flushed with the oil into the electric field are attracted and will be separated from the oil. Because of the innovative working principle not only hard particles like metal particles, rubber, chips and other will be separated but also oxydation products, resins and sticky sludge will be removed from the oil. The electrostatic oil cleaner works as an offline system and clean the oil during production without production stop.

When using the electrostatic oil cleaner consequently, the lifetime of the hydraulic oil can be extended to 100,000 hours of operation and more.


  • Up to 95% reduction of the oil consumption
  • Extremely less cost for maintenance, repair and oil change
  • Up to 70% less hydraulic trouble
  • Improved process reliability
  • Improved machine precision and accuracy


  • Hydraulic oil in injection moulding machines
  • Hydraulic oil in presses
  • Transformer oil
  • Turbine oil

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Principle of operation of Friess EFC electrostatic oil cleaner
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Technical data

Flow rate: 2,5 l/min

Dirt capacity per set of original Friess cleaning elements: approx. 330 g

Oil temperature: max. 60 °C

Oil viscosity at operating temperature: max. 100 mm²/sec

Power consumption: max. 350 W

High voltage:
max. 14 kV, continuously electronically controlled (11..14 kV)

Power connection: 230 V / 1 phase

Water content in oil: max. 500 ppm

Dimensions (LxBxH):
450 mm x 400 mm x 940 mm

Permissible types of oil:
Hydraulic oil type H/HL/HLP
Lubricating oil type C/CL/CLP
Synthetic oil on PAO-basis
For oils with D-additives specific parameters are valid

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