Electrostatic oil cleaner

Longer lifetime for hydraulic oil,
less hydraulic trouble

Simply, easy and reliably the Friess EFC electrostatic oil cleaner removes dirt particles, oxydation products, water and other contamination from non-conductive liquids like hydraulic oil, transformer oil, turbine oil, lubrication oil and many other.

And that’s how it works:
The electrostatic oil cleaner is connected with the oil tank. A gear pump pumps the oil from the main tank into the electrostatic oil cleaner. The cleaning cell is equipped with electrodes which are charged with 14,000 V high voltages. The electrostatic field force attracts the particles in the oil. The particles will stick to the surface of the cleaning elements which are mounted between the electrodes. Clean oil is guided back into the main tank while the dirt remains in the cleaning elements of the electrostatic oil cleaner.


  • Up to 95% reduction of the oil consumption
  • Extremely less cost for maintenance, repair and oil change
  • Up to 70% less hydraulic trouble
  • Improved process reliability
  • Improved machine precision and accuracy

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